we are furrrls:
lucia, kaila, maya, and some other cool kids.
we like arts & crafts, making music, tea, dancing, feminism, & the ideas of cats.

yeah baby

YOU GUYS! We were on the fabulous stains! YOU CAN SEE IT HERE! big thanks to our lovely Lucia and the incredible Jessi Jae Joplin. Pretty rad.  Go see Lucia and some very other cool people post on the Fabulous Stains NOW.

silvery stuff by kaila
the pussy experience by lucia
i don’t know by maya
HEY Y’ALL! Here at Cat Sharts we are big fans of Valentine’s Day. Show your love for friends, special friends, family, cats, dogs, and maybe yourself with crafts! Single or not, V-Day is one to get  down and dirty with arts & crafts. Here Kaila made some party hats with sweethearts for her sweethearts! Oh so punny! Have a wonderful February 14th everyone!
stories created by ines, a 3 1/2 year old.
polaroids by the lovely lucia
Bingo shoes from Goodwill for $8.
Great for Wednesday night bingo games.
If that’s not a great find than I don’t know what is…
This is Maya.